How to gain weight in a fast and healthy way

Most of the time most people will tend to talk about weight loss. The focus has slightly shifted over the days because now people are also looking to gain weight. So how do we gain wait healthily and how can we sustain it? Weight gain comes in when there is an excess of carollis compared to when you want to lose weight when you are looking at a carolli deficit. The excessive weight is caused by eating more than you are able to burn. How can you be able to achieve this? Below are some of the ways you can gain weight in a safe and healthy way.

1. Adding in carollis to what is your day to day intake


This is whereby you can be able to add an extra carollis and this can be done easily by incorporating a snack or two in between your main meals

So we have the three main meals to most people, your breakfast, lunch and your supper. And for additional weight gain we usually ask people to incorporate a snack in between break fast and lunch because this additional carollis are going to help one to be able to gain weight. This is because the body just takes what it needed as then the rest is stored up.

2. Bulking up nutrients

This is where you are able to get in your carbohydrates which are a very common source of energy. Examples of these foods include: rice, cereals, oats, if you can be able to take this additionally in your day to day diet then it becomes easy for you to be able to bulk up.

3. Incorporating protein in your day to day meals

Regardless of the type of protein may it be animal, plants you can be able to incorporate more protein than you do from day to day then it becomes easier for you to gain weight.

4. Physical training

Also when it comes to adding weight, you need to to embrace the weight training regimen and this can be done with the help of a professional trainer who can be able to advise you and recommend what is the best workout for you to be able to work out. This is because exercise and nutrition go hand in hand when it comes to weight management. May it be weight gain or weight loss.

5. Embracing a nutrient dense kind of diet

Weight gain can also be done by embracing a nutrient dense kind of diet. Nutrient dense kind of diet is whereby you are eating small amounts, but you are packing a lot of nutrients in it. For example when it comes to things like salad, you can add some nuts and this will increase the percentage of carollis in your diet and you will be able to achieve your goal at the day cumulatively.


6. Addition of protein supplements

You can also do protein shake if you cannot be able to meet your protein needs as recommended by your nutritionist and remember to do this with the guidance of your nutritionist. This is because; even as we talk of shakes there are many supplements out there. But you need to be careful when taking supplements because not all of them are certified hence, the nutritionist will guide you on the supplements you should take. He will also guide you on the amount of protein shake you should use each day in addition to your dietary eating.


Many people think that eating high fatty food will make you gain weight. Yes it will make you add weight but not in the right way. You just want to gain weight in a way that is safe for you and not pose any danger on your health. The danger with taking high fatty food and fried food is that it results to deposition of fat in body vessels and canals hence blocking them leading to inflammation asthma and other non-communicable diseases. You need to gain the right way and avoid shortcuts because this shortcuts might lead to long term negative effects

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